Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Models in Indie Publishing

The Tucson Festival of Books is the place to catch up on the latest trends in the world of publishing. The 2016 Festival showcased three unique new platforms for indie publishers.

1. Booktrope: This service preserves the value offered by traditional publishing but works through
autonomous creative teams. It provides a full publishing process with no up-front fees. Their streamlined service can take a book to press in as little as four weeks. Seventy percent of book revenues go back to the creative team and royalties are paid monthly.

Booktrope publishes all genres and currently have 1000 titles. Majority of sales are ebooks and their best selling series is a new genre called Regency Romance.

2. Inkshares is a publisher with a unique acquisition process: readers decide. Authors submit ideas in a tight 20-words-or-less format. If it is selected it is previewed on the website with the object of obtaining pre-sales.

Once the pre-order target is met, Inkshares edits, designs, prints, distributes and markets the book. They work with Girl Friday Productions to prepare the book. Time to press is six to nine months.

Their unexpected recent best seller: The Show: sex, drugs and tech.

3. She Writes is a community of women writers. She Writes Press is an independent publishing company founded to serve the members. Only manuscripts that are deemed publish-ready based on merits of the writing are accepted. The author invests up-front on their project and receives 60% royalties (on net profits) on print versions and 80% royalties (on net profits) on ebooks.

In 2014, She Writes Press became part of the SparkPoint Studio family and now has a powerful combination for a hybrid publisher with a strong editorial vision, traditional distribution and an in-house marketing and publicity team.